Marina Glyfadas


The Glyfada Marina built by Mayor Savvas Lazaridis, who, with backfilling and infilling the coast, which until then was rocky, he wanted to make one change from piers and sandy beach, in the European standards.

It consists of four basins including sandy beach mediates total length of three kilometers.

Between A and B basin length of the beach is about 250 meters, between B and C basin about 150 meters, between C and D basin about 300 meters and between D and basin boundary of the coast about 350 m Municipality.

Glyfada Marina as a whole can accommodate 810 boats. More specifically, the A basin fit 180 vessels in B basin 100 vessels, the basin C 280 vessels and 250 vessels D. basin. Its facilities is the building of the Port Authority and outposts.

Apart from the revenue brings in our municipality, Marina along the beaches is one of the best place for walking especially in the afternoon sunset .Also indicated for cyclists and anglers pole. One of the finest pieces of the fact is that commercial fishermen, referring to a Greek island.


Address: Diadochou Palvou 12

Telephone: 21 3202 5366