Athletic Activities


In the city that gave birth to Fragisco Aliberti, which also consists of a closed
athletic centre and swimming pool from the decade of the 70's...

Where "Poseidonas", the soccer team, was a greenhouse for international soccer players, and the ANOG, (Athletic Navy Club of Glyfada), the instigator for creating olympians and winning European Championships, it is only natural for the city to be blossoming in the section of athletics.

 Today Glyfada includes a public stage, 8 public gyms (open aired/closed) and one of the nicest golf courses in Europe, called "Konstantinos Karamanlis" which also includes academies for golf, tennis, swimming and sailing. Just to add to the success of athletics in Glyfada, the female soccer team of Glyfada as well as the female basketball team of Terpsithea, all belong in the A1 category of teams.


"The Historian athletic club has born Olympians athletes and won European Championships. "


Many other athletic teams of Glyfada such as,

  • Euriali,
  • Aixoni
  • Athletic Club of Glyfada

 have passed through to leagues mainly in the section of track and field. Furthermore, Glyfada houses some of the best private gyms in the country, many of which are owned by our internationally renowned olympians and athletes.

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Athletic Activities