The big legend of theatre Dimitris Rodaris,
lived and got inspired in Glyfada the past years,

Vasilis Tsitsanis composed some of his greatest hits, Andreas Ebirikos wrote some of the masterpieces of Greek hyperrealism and Rallis Kopsides, one of the favorite students of Foti Kontoglou, created most of his pieces of art.

Furthermore it is where Vaso Katraki lived and where the great Greek architect, Dimitris Pikionis, got inspired and created the "Aixoni", a model housing of craftsment.

 When the well known "Asteria" first opened, Glyfada became the hotspot for many famous artists. Well known singers, music producers, actors and actresses, have lived and continue to live here.

So since 1955, Glyfada operates a music school of the National Conservatory, which later became known as The Music School of the Municipality.

There is a spiritual center, a library section, as well as theatre, dance, chorus, visual design, and photgraphy courses. If someone wishes to learn traditional dance, they can be taught at any ΚΑΠΗ(Protection Centres for the Elderly), and at cultural associations. In fact the Pontian Association has advanced so far it has become amongst the top in the country.

The sculpture theatre in "Aixoni", and our second Marine on the beach has welcomed and housed many great artists in the past. This year the municipality shared its love for the summer cinema with everyone, handing out free tickets , shows on the beaches and squares, concerts in the parks, as well as 2 large concerts for Miki Theodoraki, Xristo Nikolopoulou and one for Anna Vissi.

Furthermore in the Centre of Learning of the Municipality, anyone has the oppurtunity to learn foreign languages, computer, design, logistics, photography , visual design and even gardening free of charge!

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Also in the center of lifelong learning a municipality has the opportunity to learn foreign languages free, H / Y, decoration, accounting, photography, art, and even gardening.
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