In the 'Mecca' of fun, as characterized Glyfada,
you will find some of the most 'hip' restaurants, cafes and bars of Athens.

In the sections of flavours and tastes you can choose Sushi, Mexican, Italian and
New American cuisine, fresh fish, Meze and Kebab in all variations.

And of course let's not forget the classic burgers on the street Constantinopouleous, known as Biftekoupoli. Thanks to it, Glyfada became known as the seaside suburb with delicious food.Biftekoupoli has spread arround the street of Constantinopouleous.

The bars, the second reason which we all discovered Glyfada in our youth, are constantly being renewed and refurbished surprising us every year. From the Americans in the decade of the 80s and the street of Zisimopoulou in the 90s, the interest has now shifted to the streets around the Swimming pool.

There, where Nix, the first '' Classy'' bar of the 80s, gave atmosphere with its famous meeting point , now bars and restaurants for every taste surround the square of  Nymphon and spread across the street of Kiprou, Metaxas and Laodikis.

Across town, from Metaxas to the beach, where interest is focused on during the summer months and Ano Glyfada with traditional taverns, ouzo and grill, you can discover what your soul desires...

Your entertainment is fully completed with bars playing Greek music, large stages on the beach,
the cinemas of the city, and facilities such as bowling and billiards.

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