Glyfadas Marina, was built by the mayor Savas Lazaridis.

With excavation and infilling the rocky coast he wanted to make a change, placing piers and a sandy beach, by European standards. It consists four basins separated by a total length of three kilometers of sandy beach.

Between A and B basin, the length of the beach is about 250 meters, between B and C basin is about 150 meters, between C and D basin is about 300 meters, and between D and the coast of the municipality is about 350 meters. Glyfadas Marina, can accommodate 810 boats.

 More specifically,

 in basin A can be accommodated 180 vessels,

 in the  basin B 100 

in the  basin C 280 

and D can accomodate 250 vessels .

On the premises of the Marina is the building of the Port Authority and outposts.
Apart from the revenue that brings to our municipality, Marina along with the beaches is one
of the most beautiful places to go for a walk in Glyfada,
especially during the evening sunset. It is also the ideal place for cyclists and amateaur fishermen.

Στις εγκαταστάσεις της βρίσκεται το κτίριο του Λιμεναρχείου και τα φυλάκια.

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Also in the center of lifelong learning a municipality has the opportunity to learn foreign languages free, 

H / Y, decoration, accounting,
photography, art, and even gardening.

Επίσης ενδείκνυται για τους ποδηλάτες και τους ερασιτέχνες ψαράδες με καλάμι. Ένα από τα ωραιότερα κομμάτια της άλλωστε είναι αυτό των επαγγελματιών αλιέων, που παραπέμπει σε κάποιο Ελληνικό νησί.

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